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Your ultimate boxing gear from a former World Muai Thai Champion

Matt Parks

I have made my life about sport for over 30 years now. As a former World Muay Thai Champion and coach, I'm thrilled to introduce these one-of-a-kind gloves. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or just starting your journey, Health&Fun #BADASS gloves are a unique choice. Train smart, fight strong!

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This is Matthew.

He knows what Aidai is capable of.

This is Aidai

This is Aidai.
Aidai knows how to make a kick.

#BADASS your inner self
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Beyond the Seams

Materials that make magic

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Effortless Fit: Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop for a secure and comfortable fit and effortless size adjustment

Shell Shock™

Shockproof Confidence: Shell Shock™ Gel Equilibrium Sheet triple padding to ensure the highest level of shock resistance.


Wrist Support: Unleash Your Punching Potential


Cool and Comfy: S.P.P™ Ventilation system for the ultimate hand breathability

Maya Hide™

Built to last: Enduring Maya Hide™ leather that withstands the test of time.

Unbeatable value

Your fitness journey deserves premium gear that fits your budget.

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